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Aug 4, 2023
Poem for eternity and the social nature of the human
My words are not mine and yours are not yours And neither were Shakespeare’s so don’t worry Echos Or reverberations…
Jul 26, 2023
First thoughts on 'Mute Compulsion'
Mute compulsion is a very nice book. So far I’ve read the first few chapters and found it to have one the most accurate and sophisticated description of Marxism I’ve seen written in a single place.…
Jun 7, 2023
The Social-mediafication of Working Class Organizing
Last month, flying over the Atlantic in the throes of an existential crisis brought on by too strong an edible (which I had taken to try to sleep through the flight), I had the following disturbing self-insight, which while stonerish is also true:…
Jun 1, 2023
To face the coming climate crisis, a new vision and a new spirituality
The following is a translation of an article from Caminos (A Cuban journal of socio-theological thought). It was written by José María Vigil, Spanish-Nicaraguan liberation-theologian.…
May 30, 2023
Cuba’s Struggle for the Full Dignity of the Human Being
Housing and the Cuban Revolution “In the first three years of the revolution, 1959-61, all measures were taken to disarticulate the capitalist system at its base.…