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Aug 30, 2023
On the human mode of history (001)
Several interesting properties of the human mode of history: Humanity has the capacity for surplus labor. I.e., in $N$ hours, a group of humans can act on its environment to procure sufficient material resources to sustain the lives of that group for more than $N$ hours.…
Aug 30, 2023
Time After Time
The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles. – Marx and Engels, Communist Manifesto…
Aug 29, 2023
Book release: "The Elementary Concepts of Historical Materialism"
The cover Announcing a release of an English translation of Marta Harnecker’s Los conceptos fundamentales del materialismo histórico, or The Elementary Concepts of Historical Materialism in English.…
Aug 27, 2023
"Parametricity" is now "It's Dusk Somewhere"
For many years this blog was called Parametricity. I am no longer that interested in type theory, so I am renaming the blog to reflect its new content, which is mostly Marxism.…
Aug 10, 2023
Walking Past the Apocalypse: The Material Roots of Anti-Human Philosophy in 2020s San Francisco
Most of us are familiar with the potential discomfort of passing a person begging on the street. Some stop and give some money or food, some stop to say they don’t have cash, most try to avoid eye-contact and walk past.…