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Prints! 2023–2024

Posted at — Jul 1, 2024 by Izzy Meckler

Here are some Risograph prints I made in 2023 and the first half of 2024. Apologies for the photos being a bit dim.

This is a riff on a NIMBY slogan.
This is a tree in Warsaw.
For the TANC trip to Cuba.
To raise money for the TANC trip to Cuba.
Booklet for an unfinished art project (currently being resurrected).
For a protest against APEC.
For a protest against Berkeley landlords' celebration of the eviction moratorium's end. As seen in the New York Post.
An unedited photograph taken from an airplane somewhere in the west.
A reproduction of an old soviet print.
My Haggadah.
A pamphlet on coops as an instrument in class-struggle
The exponential accumulation of capital.
For Seeing Red
For Seeing Red
For Seeing Red
For the EBDSA library.