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Book release: "The Elementary Concepts of Historical Materialism"

Posted at — Aug 29, 2023 by Izzy Meckler
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Announcing a release of an English translation of Marta Harnecker’s Los conceptos fundamentales del materialismo histórico, or The Elementary Concepts of Historical Materialism in English. This book has a history as a very important part of the education of Marxists in Latin America.

This is a project I’ve been working on for some months for political education in East Bay DSA, and is now in a “done enough” state to share more broadly.

The book is a nice primer on some of the fundamental concepts of Marxism (as the title promises). Each chapter ends with review and discussion questions, so it’s well-suited to pedagogical applications. It is sometimes a bit rigid and deterministic, but I think it is a great starting point for someone interested in the science of how to change the world for the better.

I used an English translation that was originally published in some Marxist magazines (I believe “Theoretical Review” and possibly “Radical History Review” in the 70s).

This version features

There is also have a partial translation of the chapter on “Transition” from the 1984 version of the book, which should be complete soon.

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